My friend V and I talk all the time about how the key to success is to “not look sideways”. You can’t check out what other people are doing because, even if it’s a path to spectacular success, it’s their path. You’re not them, so don’t compare yourself or try to do what they do. Don’t look sideways.

This is the philosophy I think Lea Michele has started to embrace. She’ll never be an ethereal girl of mystery – so who cares? She looks spectacular (yes, if tanned), she’s talented, and she’s in love. She doesn’t need to be anything else, and the more relaxed and secure she gets, the better looking she is.   Those emerald earrings are to die for and her smile looked for real. If she never turns up her hair into one of those Maria Callas buns again, it’ll be too soon. Plus did you see those emerald earrings?

Now’s about the time when the offers should start coming in, too. The better she can sell herself as a vibrant young woman, the better. “Uptight musical student” is a totally true stereotype, but it’s not one there’s a huge call for in Hollywood.