I’m not writing about her poseharding. You know it. You’ve seen it. You don’t need me to repeat it over and over again every time I post about Lea Michele.

Let’s discuss instead the Marchesa.

There’s been a LOT of Marchesa happening on the carpet with Lea Michele. And, well, Marchesa isn’t exactly Sarah Burton for McQueen. Marchesa is...

You want in with Harvey Weinstein?

You want to learn from Blake Lively?

Lea just lost out on a part that was perfect for her as Eponine in Les Miserables. And she did not fall short on talent. It was something else then. Was it connection? Was it the who you know and the friends you have? Was it the phone calls that get made, on behalf of and in spite of?

That brings us back, actually, to all that posing.

Lea Michele poses so hard because it doesn’t come naturally. And what comes naturally - that amazing voice - isn’t enough, at least it hasn’t been so far, to go head to head against those with not even half of her talent. In her mind then this is sh-t she has to do. When you look at it that way, I dunno, I can’t hate.