Does it seem to you like Lea Michele and her boyfriend Matthew Paetz get papped almost every day now? They were papped yesterday out for a run/hike together. When they were done, they put their arms around each other while walking back to the car. I’ve never understood fitness affection.

Jacek and I played golf last weekend and there was a couple in the group ahead of us. Every time they teed off, they’d hold hands and walk down the fairway towards their balls. Really? Maybe it’s because Jacek and I don’t have the most tactile relationship. Pretty much the only time we touch each other is when we’re having sex. So I don’t understand the fitness affection. I don’t understand, when you’re all sweaty and sticky after a run, why you’d want anyone near you. And definitely not kissing the top of my head since my scalp smells on the best of days. People wash their hair too much.