I am not a tall person. In my head I am 5 ft 5. At least. In reality I am 5 ft 3. And I can accept this. (Some people - ahem, Sasha - cannot separate their height fantasies from their height reality.) Because it’s hard to keep up the illusion when you stand next to your husband and you fit neatly under his chin. Which is what happens when Jacek is right in front of me and I’m wearing flats - most of the time.

Lea Michele is significantly shorter than Cory Monteith. When they go out, and when they go out to be photographed, she leaves the flats in the closet and opts for heels; it’s a better shot that way too. If you zoom in on their heads, they can both be in the same frame.

Here they are out for lunch yesterday in Hollywood. The two are currently enjoying their first summer together as a couple. And there’s been a lot of travel. They were in New York, they were in Vancouver, last week they were in Paris for Fashion Week. And now it’s back in LA as work should resume soon the 4th (or is it 5th now?) season of Glee.