Leading Men at The Fight

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If you have social media, you’ve used it to show off. Come on. How do you resist the temptation? Are you on holiday somewhere awesome? Are you posing on the beach? Are you at that concert that everyone wants to go to? Did you get into a super exclusive party? While out for dinner, did you run into a celebrity and boast about it to all your followers?

For celebrities on Saturday night, being at The Fight was the grand magnum of showing off. There were there to watch, sure. They were also there to show you that they were there. That they got tickets. That they were important enough, rich enough to be in attendance. Beyonce will get her own separate post for this because… she is Beyonce. Right now, we’re focusing on some of the leading men in the crowd.

Denzel Washington, Marky Mark, Christian Bale, Jake Gyllenhaal… they’ve all played fighters. Bradley Cooper and Ben Affleck, um, have trained like fighters? Ben Affleck in Las Vegas. Good Gossip always comes from Ben Affleck being in Vegas. Wait for it.

As for Leonardo DiCaprio and his “dad bod”...

Well, not since The Departed.

But look at him. Leo. With his mouth open. Leo’s the guy or girl at the game/match/whatever who WILL NOT PUT DOWN HIS PHONE because he’s too busy taking pictures. Does that person bug the sh-t out of you? When you’re at the hockey game or at a show or whatever and they won’t put their f-cking phone down? That’s Leonardo DiCaprio. He’s supposed to be mysterious and cool. He’s supposed to be charismatic. No. He’s the loser in the row in front of you who’s watching the event through his device instead of just watching the event. 

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