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Leighton Meester presented with Anthony Mackie at the Gothams the other night. As mentioned many times already, I love Anthony Mackie. He’s hot. And Leighton would do well to trade up.

Page Six mentioned that the two were rather flirty that night, “pinching each other” up on stage, and he had his arm around her waist at their table. Obviously nowhere near slamdunk to conclude that they’re an item, but if that was an opening spark...? If I’m Leighton Meester? Please. I’m lighting that up right away.

Mackie is currently shooting Man on a Ledge with Sam Worthington. His next film Night Catches Us – he plays a man involved with the Black Panther Movement – will be released later this month. He’s also in Matt Damon’s Adjustment Bureau due out next year. And he’s looking into opening a bar in Brooklyn. And did you know he studied at Julliard?

Also... he wasn’t afraid to ask Morgan Freeman for advice on the set of Million Dollar Baby:

"I had this opportunity to do a really big movie and get, like, a garbage bag full of money, or I had an offer to do a play in New York and make $325 a week. I didn't know what to choose. I really loved the play, and while the movie could have been cool, it was all on the director's shoulders. I walked over to Morgan's trailer and I was like, 'Yo, I need to ask your advice.' He didn't know me from anybody. But I talked to him a little and I was like, this is what I'm faced with, what do you think? He said, 'Do the play,' He said, 'Work on your craft. When Hollywood wants you, they'll come get you. And when they come get you, they'll pay for you.' No one had ever said that so precisely and simply before."

Yeah but he listened.

Mackie lives in New Orleans, away from the celebrity clusterf-ck. He and Leighton do look cute together, non?

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