Leighton Meester last night at the Tribeca Film Festival working that carpet with a killer body and one of the best young bitch faces in the business today.

I mean look at that. THAT is a thing of beauty. The perfect Blair heir to the legacy of Brenda Walsh.

Have you read the New York Magazine feature on Gossip Girl yet? There is a brilliant section on Leighton that illustrates exactly why her brand of bitch is the business. While Blake Lively is controlled, calculating, and cold (like my limp Gwyneth!), it is Leighton who is the spark, who has the sense of humour and also the mean streak that makes her much more intriguing.

Leighton will f&ck up. Spectacularly. Not in a Britney way but in a good old fashioned dirty smutty way. Maybe she’ll throw a drink in Ebola’s face at a club one night. Or tell Jessica Alba her ass got too fat during pregnancy. Or make out with Taylor Kitsch when he’s supposedly dating Mandy Moore. She will do it and you will love it. Trust.

Leighton and Taylor. Seriously. It needs to happen.

Photos from Wenn.com