News broke last week about Leighton Meester’s sex tape. While the video has not yet found its way onto the internets, several screencaps were released last week – the images are, um, extremely revealing – and a bidding war is said to be underway for the actual footage of Leighton having sex with a former boyfriend a few years ago. Obviously super embarrassing. But not THAT embarrassing. Who doesn’t have a sex tape these days, right? It’s like we’re numb to it now. It’s like it’s a resumé essential. Once upon a time, a sex tape could destroy a career. These days it can enhance one.

And this is why Leighton needn’t worry. She doesn’t look like she’s worried either.

Leighton resurfaced in Manhattan today, seen leaving a hotel, totally camera ready for the paps in a cleverly coordinated “impromptu” photo shoot. So far, this is beautifully executed crisis management. Almost like they were completely prepared.

Is your smutty sense tingling?

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