Last week I posted this article of Leighton Meester working a new fringe. The fringe however is apparently not Blair Waldorf’s steeze. Because Leighton was photographed today in New York on the first day of shooting the new season of Gossip Girl and the fringe has gone missing. Was it a fake fringe, or are movie star hair stylists just really great at hiding it? I used to have a very hard time hiding mine on the two or three occasions I’ve had one in my life many, many, MANY years ago before my ma outlawed them for feng shui and my forehead.

Anyway, as you can see, Leighton also needs to take a break from those heels with flipflops. I know someone who bought a pair of lime green Brian Atwoods for only $150 at the Room at the Bay this week. There’s a sale!!! The nude ones never go on sale. I can hear Duana in my head. She’s all about colours and citrus. She’s all over this outfit.

In other Gossip Girl news – Elizabeth Hurley, now that Wonder Woman isn’t happening anymore, has confirmed a role on the show. They’re saying she ends up becoming a pain in the ass for Gossip Girl herself. Does this make you want to watch the show more...or less? For those of you who still watch the show, that is? Because I think I’m done with it. I think I’m good with looking at pap photos at their clothes and reading on Twitter who dies/cheats/steals/fights/goes to the ball. I think I need more space on my PVR.

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