As you know, Blake Lively is considered the real superstar among the Gossip Girl actors, even though Leighton Meester’s Blair Waldorf is the heart and soul of the show. Since Leighton’s cut of fame is inexplicably – tits aside – so much smaller than Blake’s, it always makes me happy to see her getting some play, though I’m still not sure if this constitutes pity-happy or real-happy.

This is Leighton pimping for Herbal Essences today in Madrid. Pretty dress! Pretty heels! Pretty Leighton! And I still don’t understand how she worked with Garrett Hedlund and got to make out with him and sing-love to him without true-romancing him. I mean... you saw the clip I posted yesterday from Country Strong, didn’t you? How possible.


You want to see it again?

As Ryan Gosling would say – It was my pleasure. (Pop Quiz: where’s that from?!)

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