When I saw pictures of Leighton Meester at the Fox Upfront I actually shouted out, by myself, in my office the other day – YES! Because I miss her. Don’t you miss her?!?

Are you a Blair? Or are you a Serena? The only acceptable answer to this question is “Yes, of course, I’m a Blair, who would want to be a Serena?”

Duana and I and our friend Michelle used to watch Gossip Girl together. And I’ll never forget Duana’s succinct summary of why Blair, always, is the more interesting character: “Blair wants things.” It’s active vs passive. Wanting leads to action. Blair was always in action. And Leighton Meester was so great at showing us the Blair who wanted and acted.

Which is why it’s so unfair that Leighton was never the superstar who emerged from that show. That she was eclipsed by the mumbly beige.

But Leighton is back. On FOX. On a new show called Making History. The trailer came out the other day just as I was getting dizzy so I’ve only just watched it now. I laughed out loud a solid three or four times. And yes, I’m pretty sure it’s supposed to be if Drunk History and Bill & Ted had a baby. Time Machine History, Making History.