I haven’t watched Gossip Girl since last season. No idea what’s happening. But apparently Blair runs off on her wedding...?

Well, that can’t be surprise, can it? You don’t need to be caught up on the show to know that Blair couldn’t possibly marry anyone but Chuck Bass. And she’d never actually go through with a wedding in a dress that’s just kind of medium.

The hair though...

It’s kinky and messy but I really, really love her hair.

Also, on the subject of wedding headpieces, let me start this up again - Sasha’s wedding headpiece was actually better than this one. Click here if you missed her article on headpieces. She wore it differently though.

Oh but Leighton Meester is pretty, isn’t she? This is why I hate her fringe. It covers such a pretty, pretty face. (TL - this does NOT APPLY TO YOU.)