Your opinion?

I’m undecided. Because if David Beckham decided to rock some wine coloured toes, I’d be all over it. My husband however? Nuh uh. I can’t even imagine asking him. The other day as we were heading out to the golf course I suggested he style his out of control hair so I wouldn’t have to be seen with a pre-cut John Mayer wannabe. He told me to jump up his ass. Needless to say, the prospect of seeing him getting his cuticles trimmed is slim to none.

Having said that, my main ‘Mo Darren and I are going for matching mani pedis this afternoon. Am all about the gays, am all about the Metros.

So here’s Len Wiseman, husband of Kate Beckinsale, film director in his own right, proudly rockin’ dark cherub toes.

You likey?


Thanks Sara!