Lena Dunham looked awesome. There are all kinds of caveats and I could list them, but they’re personal. I don’t personally like white shirts and I don’t personally love pink. Not the point.

She looked awesome because she decided to try on a look and, unlike in previous years, she seemed, in her face and makeup, to give it about exactly as much sort of gravity as it deserved. This is a night to look A, fun, and B, awesome. And she does.

And how would you know, if you didn’t play, that you look fantastic in a platinum blonde bob? I LOVE that look on her and I hope she keeps it around for this fall’s book tour. I mean to say I love it.

But this is the thing about Dunham: she still engenders love and hate. By contrast, I have determined that Allison Williams, for all the “hate” she gets, is actually just getting hate for being boring. Like if she’s going to be so reviled for being uptight or whatever, it would be nice if she played the part. She sort of does – the tension in her shoulders is allll high school – but really that Giambattisti Valli dress was boring, but not cutesy vomit boring. Regular boring. Just average. Flowered bodice-yellow-belt. I don’t even hate it. If I did, at least I could hate it, you know?

Allison Williams is failing the people by not being the villain they need. Lena Dunham wins.