I liked Lena Dunham’s new haircut a lot more than I thought I did, didn’t you? I did think, though, that it looked a lot better in the nominee packs than it did on the carpet. The dress, on the other hand, not so much. The best word I can think of to describe it is “sedate”, which just doesn’t seem to fit for the woman who opened the show naked with a birthday cake. I’d have loved to see something a lot more fun.  

But then, there was pressure on Dunham, who was nominated in the acting, writing, and directing categories, as well as in the best overall comedy category. She could have reasonably expected that she was one of the ones who actually had to worry about what her dress would look like getting up onstage – except that in the end,  she won none of them.

There is no pretending that that doesn’t suck. It does. Four nominations and zero wins just sucks. But who could not have seen this coming?

Voters who overwhelmingly throw the votes straight down the middle at the utter improbability that is Modern Family are hardly going to be expected to get Girls,  particularly as a comedy. I had a talk with a friend of mine about how the ½ hour form is changing a lot, and you can do all kinds of not-strictly-comedic things now but you can’t expect them to win anything when there’s a show with Ed O’Neill, boobs,  Colombian accents, and winsome children all in the same show. Because imitating Sofia Vergara’s accent is too much fun and, you know, she has those other talents, too.

Girls will get more cred because it’s been snubbed – there are way worse pedigrees than “too cool for the Emmys” – but I’m sure it stings today, just a little. 

Of the “Girls” who were there last night (Jemima Kirke just had a baby), I far preferred Zosia Mamet’s angular schoolmarm dress, which is quite lovely. Didn’t love the hair, though. Strict dress should mean loose hair, no?