What a relief it is to see Lena Dunham having the time of her life at the TIME gala! This lady gets so much grief for her work, her tweets, her body and, as a 26 year old show runner, she must be under the kind of pressure I hope I never come to understand. But you wouldn’t know any of that as she kisses Claire Danes on the red carpet, parties with Padma, Amy, and Mia and genuinely looks like she’s just up for a good f*cking time.

It’s so refreshing when you see a star enjoying the spoils of fame, like fancy galas and getting wasted alongside other beautiful people. Look at Lainey’s post earlier about Jessica Biel, so poised, so controlled, so wrapped up in her new role as Power Wife that she’s completely cut off from the confidence, comfort and excitement you can see all over Lena’s face.

Speaking of Lena’s face - doesn’t she look perfect? She’s apparently wearing YSL, and I think this is possibly her most well executed event look yet. Because this is Lena Dunham though, Lena who’s contributed so much to the conversation about what “looking perfect” means, let’s deconstruct that a little.

To me the reason she looks so amazing is because she looks so like herself. True to LD form, she’s got sex written all over her -- the arms, the boobs, the legs are all there, yet she still looks formal enough for a party thrown by TIME Magazine. The belt is busy and the shoes are a throwback, all which speak to her “quirky girl” thing but she doesn’t take that too far. She’s like a better dressed Diablo Cody – all of the fun without any of the annoying Bombshell McGee feeling.

She’s also looking pretty fit, which according to her tweets is the result of doing the Tracy Anderson Method with the Girls’ crew. I was emailing with Lainey, trying to speculate whether she’ll get skinnier or not. We both agreed to being seduced by the power of a potential Lena makeover, despite ourselves, which sucks. The cultural impact of seeing her “imperfect” body humping away on Girls is so amazing and that would be a sad thing to lose. That said, if she’s into working out, get that sweat on, girl.

In the pics below, taken from the Girls set this week, she looks like the same old Hanna. Just as exciting, an ugly set parka wrapped Jemima Kirke, which means they’re not killing off Jessa in between seasons…unless she comes back as a ghost?