We may not all agree that Girls is a great show, and it’s certainly not the most diverse, but those who do watch regularly agree the messaging is good: feminist, body/sex positive, complicated female characters are something we all want to see more on our TVs. Today, a real life image from the set has come out that I hope will deliver an equally powerful message to Lena's young fans. That message? Bosses get fed quesadillas.

Look at this picture – Lena’s got coffee in one hand, presumably script notes in the other, and some hard working PA is sliding melted cheese and tortillas into her goddamn mouth. Because sometimes bosses don't have time to take a break. Because they're too busy running the show. Because they will not be denied delicious Mexican food. If that isn't having it all, I don't know what is.

Also released are some pictures of Jemima Kirke, wearing a Wu Tang shirt. At first I bristled at the outfit, thinking it was a little too try-hard for the character but then I realized that's what makes us love the Jessas in our lives. They can wear what we can't pull off, they can say what we'd never say.

About that look, Lena Instagrammed a text where Jemima asked if she could wear only red lipstick and no other makeup.

From the look of these pictures, Lena said yes so I guess bosses also know when to let their friends get their way.