Emmys Most Overlooked: Lena Dunham

Duana Posted by Duana at September 23, 2013 17:09:36 September 23, 2013 17:09:36

Did not enjoy Lena Dunham’s haircut, but I get it. Did not enjoy her eyeliner, either, but it reminded me of a Halloween costume a couple of years ago when I went out as Taylor Momsen, so that got me thinking about what I’m going to do this year. Sometimes it’s the little things. 

Anyway, Lena Dunham probably had her quietest awards show in years, and that includes when she goes to MTV events with her boyfriend. Red carpet aside, I’m not sure if we even cut to her in the audience. She tweeted that she was taking pictures of herself, but the only image that showed up was in the (weak, weak, you know it was weak) opening montage of “watch all the TV”.  

What’s that like? To show up with a show that is getting better, in my opinion, yet not as hot as it was a year ago (also in my opinion) and in a dress that is a little short-waisted but otherwise kind of cute, Lainey’s admonishments about sloppy tattoos aside, and to have your presence be the only footnote on your night?  

I mean of course nobody’s supposed to win everything all the time. We started floating the idea, last night, of not winning in your first season because it’s all down from there, or if you do win, you should be ineligible for a couple of years afterward, to allow you to regroup, right? Maybe that way wins will stop seeming embarrassing in retrospect. After all, remember when everyone was in love with Dexter? And last night’s series finale is kind of universally acknowledged to be a whimper. So does Dunham feel like she dodged a bullet? Less focus on her means she can stop defending her show and make it what she wants it to be? Or does it always sting, just a little, to not be the new kid on the block anymore?  

Having said all this, and I pointed it out elsewhere, I hope Dunham gets to see that tape of her and Claire Danes fawning all over each other, and the part of her that grew up with Danes and has body issues for not looking like her (because you know they’re not far from the surface and Angela Chase is the source of half my body issues) realizes that there’s no substitute for natural padding and collagen once you decide to get rid of it. I’m not trying to bodysnark on anyone –just to remind girls who look like Lena that sometimes you have to look at your body in context to see its un-messed-with beauty, you know?

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