The Goodfellas of Oceans Eleven

Lainey Posted by Lainey at January 15, 2015 15:52:13 January 15, 2015 15:52:13

In September, right after his wedding, Brad Pitt showed up in New York to shoot with Martin Scorsese. Click here to revisit those pictures. It was the orange hat, remember?

At the time it was revealed that Scorsese was directing Pitt, Robert De Niro, and Leonardo DiCaprio and while they’re calling it a “short film”, really, as I said at the time, it’s commercial for a new casino opening up in Macau. So, basically gambling money. To attract Chinese gambling money. A trailer was released this week featuring De Niro and Leo and a glimpse of Brad Pitt on some signage. Basically it’s The Goodfellas of Oceans Eleven. Even the music is similar.

How disappointed do you think the Asian market that’s being targeted here is that Leo’s not clean-faced? That’s what did it, isn’t it? His baby face in Titanic? This film supposedly cost $70 million. And they were all supposedly paid $13 million for it. If I was putting up the money, I’d be like, Christ, I’m paying you $13 million, can’t you at least shave?

Of course not. It’s for a role. A role he won’t be half-assing like they all are here.

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