The Great Gatsby opens this weekend. I’ll be in Vegas for work Friday to Sunday and have decided I’m going to see it alone on Saturday night and am more excited about this than I thought I’d be. Being by myself in Vegas watching Gatsby seems appropriate, in a super corny way. The reviews aren’t great though. Some are saying it’s basically just Baz Luhrmann blowing himself and, as expected, the 3D is enjoyable but totally not necessary, all splash and sequins but no substance. So... it should be a success then? I mean, that pretty much caters to who are now, really.

Here’s Leo on Good Morning America today. On Saturday he was at a MET Gala pre-party (this event has gotten so big, like Oscars big, there are pre-parties for it now) when Gisele Bundchen and Tom Brady showed up According to a Page Six source:

“Leo was keeping his distance from Gisele, who was with Tom on the opposite side of the room,” and “Tom came all decked out in a white outfit, looking like Gatsby himself!” But Leo was “surrounded on a couch full of models.” 

Of course he was. That’s where he lives. Still. And I imagine for her, it’d be a headshake. The way many of us have felt when we see an ex-boyfriend years later and he’s still going to the same parties talking to the same people doing the same thing, only with less hair and jowls.