Lea Michele decided to be a bitch last week when one of the top society photographers in New York asked her for her name. What? It was all jokes, yo. She was totally just messing around. Ask the people who used to work with her on Broadway if they think she was messing around.

What would happen if that happened to Leo?

Well if the movies are any indication...

I love this story. Page Six reports that Leonardo DiCaprio and Bar Rafaeli went to see Iron Man 2 on Saturday with the masses. But he doesn’t know how the masses see the movies. The masses go early, throw their coats on their seats, then line up for snacks.

Leo and Bar didn’t allow for enough time. They arrived too late, sat in saved seats, and were told to move their asses 3 times. Each time they ceded. And finally, smilingly, Leo had to settle for the front row, the sh-ttiest view in the house. And he ate it. And he enjoyed it. And he didn’t pout his way over to the manager’s office. Leo has his flaws, and many of them, but unlike so many of his bitch colleagues, he actually does want privacy when he says he wants privacy. So Leo probably took pleasure in the fact that he was indeed, in such a public place, treated like a regular person. Maybe it’s because I haven’t slept since Monday but this little item totally gave me some quiver.

Have you seen the new trailer for Inception? This cast is giving me the quivers too.

Photos from London Ent/Splashnewsonline.com