Right now, both Django Unchained and Baz Luhrmann’s The Greaty Gatsby are scheduled for release on Christmas Day. It’s Leo vs Leo at the holiday box office!

The first preview for Gatsby was posted online last week. Click here for my thoughts on the trailer. In short, I found Leo lacking. And besides, after the preview of Django Unchained in Cannes, Gatsby seems like a ...video rental.

I’m sorry, that’s a bitch move on my part. Because we’re probably still a couple of weeks out from a proper Django clip. But I promise you, this movie is what you’re waiting for. This is vintage crazy Tarantino. Only Tarantino is crazy and vain enough to address race relations in a way that’s uncomfortably closer to the truth than we’re willing to admit. Sarah from Cinesnark’s initial impression of Django, after “HOLY SH-T”, was that Tarantino wants an Oscar. I don’t doubt it. Of course he wants an Oscar. He actually thought he had a chance against Forrest Gump, remember?

But does Tarantino actually believe that the Academy, those old white dudes, would respond to Django Unchained with their votes? Remember, these are the people who prefer their racism spoon-fed to them in movies like Crash and The Help. These are people who were not only raised by Calvin Candies, they could still BE Calvin Candie, even though they’re too full of sh-t to ever admit it to themselves.

That only adds to the anticipation, right?

Here’s Leo in New Orleans the other day after a visit to the chiropractor.