But before we get to Leo, who spent the weekend in Mexico promoting Sony’s upcoming Django Unchained, can we talk about the first poster for Django Unchained?

Which does not actually SAY the words “Django Unchained”?

Or Leonardo DiCaprio?

Or Jamie Foxx?

No, right now, Django Unchained is all about the Tarantino and everything that comes with the Tarantino. Only this time in a time of lawlessness. I feel...squeamish already.

So here’s his cast - DiCaprio and Foxx along with Kerry Washington and Christoph Waltz. The film will also feature Samuel L Jackson, Sacha Baron Cohen, and Kurt Russell. Django Unchained will open, um, on Christmas Day. Because watching brains get blown out, Tarantino style, is exactly what we all want during the holidays! No, this is not sarcasm. How else do you deal with being stuck in a house with extended family for several hours? Tarantino is giving us an outlet, can’t you see? This is where you’ll find me as soon as escape is possible.

And The Weinstein Company clearly believes they’re giving the Academy another option to make it 3 for 3: The King’s Speech, The Artist... and Django Unchained for a Harvey Weinstein triple crown? Too early, too early. There are a LOT of award-baity films scheduled this year.

For now then, let’s enjoy Leo, wearing his Calvin Candie character beard, complete with the plantation owner comfort bloat floating on top of his face that curiously doesn’t match his lean waist. He looks rather slim everywhere else, right? Especially in those brand new crisp jeans that need to be run through the stream and wrung against the rocks a few times.

Am really, really curious how people who’d never seen Titanic before reacted this weekend to it in 3D. Because now they can compare. Now they can google Jack Dawson when they get home and find out exactly what happened 15 years later.