Second sighting with the same woman…last time they were cleaning his car – I remember distinctly because of her nose. She has a very distinctive Euro nose. Some might say it’s big, I think it’s lovely – a nose with a history. The kind of nose that gets painted over and over again, from century to century and generation to generation, hanging from a castle somewhere in Prague, a nose with secrets and vaults and romance and revolution - unlike mine…which only knows dimsum within a 10 block radius. But I digress. The point is, she looks like a model and she looks like his model type. Because Joaquin, though not as high profile as his DiCaprio counterpart, is in fact a modeliser, and he appears to have found his latest – good for him. Minor distraction until Drew Barrymore gets over Fab. They’re my new pet project, you see. Given up on Joaq and Winona, am now thinkin’ Drew’s bubbles can lift his melancholy without completely erasing his sexy dark vibe. After all, she has her own demons too – it might be a nice balance, non? As for all of you out there pining for a Reese/Joaquin rekindling – not happening. She cast her spell during Walk the Line, he was heartsick for too long afterwards, and suffered even harder after that from bitter disillusionment not because of love unrequited but because she really wasn’t who he thought she was. Joaq and Drew? You tell me. Source via Source