Surprisingly it wasn’t all about Posh at the Armani store opening last night in New York. He cuts fine men’s suits too. And has friends in famous places. So the boys were out in full force last night – the biggest name by far: Leonardo DiCaprio. This is respect, right? Usually these fashion mixers are not his style. Leo doesn’t need a party to find a model.

But Mr Armani called. And Leo obliged. But he’s so bloaty faced and his pants fit weird.

Not so John Mayer. Freshly tanned from a holiday with Jennifer Aniston, better known by her publicity team as the HOTTEST 40 YEAR OLD EVER IN THE HISTORY OF 40 YEAR OLDS WITH THE BEST BODY OF ALL TIME, John apparently left Jen in Los Angeles – speculation is mounting about whether or not she will present at the Oscars setting up a triangle Brange Showdown – and flew back to NY. Here he is looking all tidy and neat.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, Josh Hartnett who felt that jeans would be appropriate attire. Also he must have just rolled out of bed. But it works! Not sure if he and Kiki are still creeping around. He left with a blond last night so am guessing no? Or maybe that’s how they roll…

And then there’s the lightweight – young Chace Crawford wearing sateen! Lumpy on boys too! For the record, HATE the black band on his collar.

Finally, busy father of twins Ricky Martin, hotter than he’s been in years. Must be the baby glow.

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