UK tabloids are reporting that Leonardo DiCaprio and his girlfriend Bar Rafaeli are expecting, citing “friends” of the couple as the source and the fact that she was wearing a loose top recently as the evidence. Needless to say, since one rumour begets another, speculation is now swirling around a summer wedding in Israel, especially since the two vacationed there last month and supposedly celebrated their engagement with her family.

Other confirming factors – for the tabloids, at least – include Leo’s affection for Tobey Maguire’s little girl Ruby … because any dude who likes children has to have a pregnant girlfriend, right? Oh and apparently he keeps asking Tobey what it’s like to be a dad. Now if that’s not slamdunk proof that Bar’s havin’ a baby, I don’t know what is.

But still… believing they’re getting married and about to become parents is SO much more exciting than not. So let’s go for it shall we?

Leo to be a Daddy in the Year of the Golden Pig? Sure…why not.