It’s important to be honest with your loved ones. I’m always first to call my Gwynnie on her endlessly amusing condescension and even though Leo occupies #1 on the Freebie Five, I have no issues saying he looked like a dork last night at the GQ event. I am however blaming it on Al Gore. Geek must be contagious. PS. An Inconvenient Truth – it’s out now on DVD. Agree or disagree, it’s definitely worth checking out. Also worth checking out: Leo and his Blood Diamond co-stars Djimon Hounsou and Jennifer Connelly on Oprah December 6th. There’s been some debate about his South African accent. I’ve heard from some of you who’ve said it sucked and some from SA who say it’s terrific. What’s the definitive assessment? Anyway, ever the activist, Leo is also expected to talk to Oprah about his red bracelet initiative in support of Blood Diamond Action. And finally…in a not so smooth segueway, the 2nd Annual Casual Day for Covenant House Vancouver is tomorrow Friday December 1st. Buy a sticker, support street youth, especially with the recent winter storms, our kids are cold and hungry but they can find relief at Covenant House. Thanks so much!