What will I be doing this weekend? Seeing The Departed and letting my bitch out. If it"s bad it means they"ve raped Infernal Affairs, if it"s good it means idiots everywhere will attribute it everywhere but right. Always a bitter bitch I am. And what will Leonardo DiCaprio be doing this weekend? Hopefully investing in a new pair of pants. Like, I know it"s casual and all…but tapered sweats? TAPERED SWEATS??? So help me Goddess from the side it looks like tapered sweats. Not that he was ever very loin-worthy to begin, especially not when dressed down and yet… it"s jarring, you know? It"s a little MC Hammer too and that"s still a bad thing, yes? So here"s Leo with Bar, sharing affection, sharing ice cream, very sweet in that I-wonder-if-she-can-actually-carry-on-a-conversation kind of way. Or maybe conversation isn"t important? Maybe talking doesn"t mean much to modelisers? How very celebral of him... Photo source