Interesting new article in Vanity Fair about the longterm Notebook Effect on Ryan Gosling’s career. Because the mass chick hysteria and tears resulting from the film is actually turning off the boys, to the point where they may be resistant to seeing the rest of his repertoire – a body of work that is highly respected but perhaps overlooked by a mass audience because of his indie cred and because of the adolescent gushing over the Rowboat. Something that Leonardo DiCaprio has suffered from in the past as well. It’s a challenge to shake the teenybop appeal. Leo said recently at the Oscar Roundtable that he actually considered quitting the business because of typecasting following Titanic, finally finding respite in the end in the work itself – his love for acting eventually compensating for the oppressive swooning that plagued him in his 20s. From what I hear, Ryan hasn’t taken such a melodramatic approach to it all but while grateful for the support, I’m told that at a certain level it does make him cringe, particularly the intense interest in his screen to life relationship with Rachel McAdams. As mentioned in Vanity Fair, the McGosling obsession could sway Oscar voters against him though Forest Whitaker has it locked up anyway but still, it does seem unlikely that another Notebook will be in his future, especially not now since he’s focusing on much more cerebral pursuits these days, namely the Lord’s Resistance Army project he is writing, directing, and starring in some time this year. Don’t mean to sicken you with my Canadian bias but the 20s are an awkward age for many young actors. I’m telling you – he will hit his stride in his 30s. Ryan Gosling will own an Oscar one day, just not in two weeks. Source