This is Leonardo DiCaprio at the premiere of Inception in LA last night. His boy Lukas Haas was there too. Lukas has a smaller part in the film and will also be working on Red Riding Hood in Vancouver which Leo’s company is producing. You hook up your friends. And they’ve been friends for a long time.

Following my post yesterday about Red Riding Hood and the infamous Pussy Posse – click here for a refresher - Julie G reminded of this article, an AMAZING article, about the Pussy Posse’s shenanigans post-Titanic. I remember reading it back then, I remember re-reading it over and over back then, because this is the kind of sh-t we love about Hollywood and youth and gossip. It’s required reading for Smut 101. Epic. And also a reminder of how it is when you’re famous, how they actually behave, for those who question the world of Celebrity and the entitlement and the behaviour, for those who keep insisting that “that can’t be true”.

He was the King of the World. And the King of a group of boys who all wanted to be King of the World. And they ran that sh-t for a long time, they ran it until it became legend, until you almost stopped believing it wasn’t fiction.

Remember Don’s Plum? It is hard to find a copy of Don’s Plum. Because Leo shut it all down. So smart. Smart enough that we’ve almost forgotten what that was like. So smart that he’s been able to transition from punk to power player, even more of a power player than he was back then. And his boys have stayed with him.

Has it changed much?


He just keeps it locked down a lot tighter. I’m telling you, if they made Entourage based on this, it would change my life.

Click here to read the piece. I promise you will LOVE it.

Photos from and Amanda Leddy/Canham/London Ent/