By popular demand, an addition to the list of candidates for this year’s People Magazine Sexiest Man Alive – if you’ve yet to read the feature handicapping the contenders, click here. Otherwise, this article means nothing.

Leonardo DiCaprio

Arguments for:

  • Is what Pip Timberlake wants to be: successfully transitioned from boy to man on screen
  • Multiple Oscar nominee and is attached to another Oscar possibility this year in Revolutionary Road, being named SMA could help his and the film’s chances
  • Super well connected, moves among the cream of the crop
  • Socially involved, especially during election season, earns him goodwill among the moms
  • Is a goodlooking guy, aside from the fact that he’s been kinda carby-faced of late from too much drinking

Arguments against:

  • Leo fought Titanic for a long, long, LONG time after it sank. He hated the Teen Beat. He avoids romantic comedies and he does not like to be sold on the basis of his appeal to women. Or young girls
  • Despite his efforts though… is he a manly man?
  • The SMA invites attention. And paps. And while Leo is a Hollywood player, he for the most part does not famewhore with photographers. Being named SMA will open the door to more gossip, more speculation, more tabloid interest…not something that fits his profile
  • He dates models. And the MiniVan is all about dudes who are down with regular girls. This is why Edward Cullen has become the panty creamer of the moment. Leo doesn’t bother with the illusion that he’d actually give a civilian the time of day

ODDS: 8 to 1