Exactly one month from today, the Screen Actors Guild will announce the nominations for the SAG Awards which will take place on January 30, 2016. A few days after that, the Hollywood Foreign Press Association will announce the Golden Globe Award nominees.

The Revenant, directed by Alejandro G Inarritu, starring Leonardo DiCaprio, does not open in limited release until Christmas. But you know, YOU KNOW, that this month, both of them, especially Leo, will be working behind the scenes, and maybe even in front of the scenes, to make sure they’re included on all lists that influence Oscar.

Last week, Leo showed up to collect a SAG honour for his climate change awareness advocacy. This weekend he hosted the LACMA gala honouring Alejandro. He’d tell you he was there out of respect for his director. Sure. But YOU KNOW. We all know. How badly he wants it.

So badly that, well, Kelly Rohrbach might be part of it. As you know, Kelly’s been Leo’s bonafide since the summer. Kelly’s confirmation as Leo’s bonafide effectively ended all discussion of Leo and Rihanna. Kelly plays a lot better to those old ass Academy voters, non? Even if there was any trouble between Leo and Kelly, at this point, there’s no way he’d make that an issue. At this point, Kelly is with us through the entire award season. And given that she was there last night, walking the carpet at LACMA (he skipped the carpet), that actually might be a sign that she’ll have an even bigger presence the deeper we get into the season, depending on how tight the race is. Since Gisele, Leo’s only date to the Oscars, or any award show, has been his ma. And if you think about it, that may have hurt him in previous years. After all, for many Academy members, they watched him grow up. They might still see him as a boy, a cocky boy hanging out with his mother, still not quite a man. Not married, not settled, all play.

Now think about all these stories we keep hearing about Kelly being “the one”. About how he might have finally found her. Coincidence or conspiracy?