Is it ironic?

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There must be some irony here, right?

Where: Sardinia, Italy
When: August 8th
Who: Leonardo DiCaprio, Bar Rafaeli, Naomi Campbell, Vladimir Doronin
What: Birthday party for Fawaz Gruosi, founder of de Grisogono jewellery, specialising in black diamonds

So Leo makes a movie call Blood Diamond. Naomi claims at the Hague that she didn’t know that Charles Taylor gave her a blood diamond. Mia Farrow calls her a liar and insists that Naomi did in fact knowingly accept the blood diamond. And now they’re partying at a club in celebration of a diamond guy, handling diamonds while smoking cigars...

Really Leo? Was this really the best judgment call?

I wonder if his publicist even bothers to cringe anymore at his bullsh-t. Why bother? Leonardo DiCaprio is untouchable right now. Beyond criticism. Has been for a long time. Remember that article? The tenets of that article still hold. Leo is exempt from disapproval, from judgment, from censure. It’s fascinating. How did he do that? How does he keep doing it?

As for the wedding talk – there are some dumbass rumours originating out of the UK that Leo is planning to propose to Bar because she’s demanding a full commitment. Like that is how Leo D reacts to an ultimatum. By agreeing to marriage???


If he’s marrying her, it’s ONLY because of what’s in it for HIM. Her demands have nothing to do with it.

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