So she skipped hitting any carpets in exchange for an introduction to Steven Spielberg?

Oh but Blake Lively will be busy here in Cannes. Ryan Gosling is here too.

Right now though, it's about Leo. Earlier I noted there had yet to be any pictures of either, and certainly not Blake getting glorified at the Palais.

Today though the two were shot on a boat and Spielberg was around too. Conveniently after that Page Six item came out.

It all gets a little more complicated too because Bar Rafaeli is also in town - we saw her tonight on the carpet of The Beaver. This is my new favourite phrase.
Let's play Photo Assumption then. Leo and Blake. F-cking or Just Friends? That, to me, looks like a pretty unsexual hug. In fact, if that's his hug styles when he's into a girl, I'm a little worried.

Good news or bad news?

Depends on what you are. Are you a fan? If you're a fan maybe not, although I can't imagine what image you had of Leo to begin with.

If gossip is the priority, well, as I've said before, Leo and Blake are very good for gossip. We're heading into the summer. Sometimes the smut, it slows down. Kinda like the school year. The birth of a new couple is a good sign.

But as I wrote earlier, Leo's game is a stealth one. And if Blake wants to play, she'll need to adjust her technique. Given that she managed to stay so undercover thus far, she may be learning. Having said that, it was convenient that the paps were able to get these today when news broke that the two were hanging out, non? This will not please him.

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