I know I’ve mentioned this before...

But I LOVE Baz Luhrmann’s Romeo & Juliet. It’s in my personal Top 10 of all time, that’s how much I love it. Thank you Eleni and Corelli for giving me the DVD. I should watch it tonight since Leo’s rekindled my quiver.

Anyway, the AFI Awards are happening in Hollywood this afternoon and look!

It’s Leo and Claire! It’s Romeo and Juliet!

Just for fun, I’m pulling some old photos of the two in similar poses. How young! (I was too!)

God, when they smiled at each other, I exploded in the theatre. Even now, just watching the trailer.


I totally forgot Paul Rudd was in it.

PS. Have you ever seen them rehearsing the pool scene? They are LITTLE KIDS. It’s the second video below.