Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds hit up New Orleans last weekend for a romantic mini-break. Click here if you missed it.

Well Leo and & Erin can mini-break too!

Check out Leonardo DiCaprio and his latest Victoria’s secret model girlfriend Erin Heatherton in Mexico the other day for a quick trip before Leo has to head back to LA for the Screen Actors Guild Awards on Sunday.  

I am so happy he’s wearing those socks with those shorts. I am so happy that he is so sloppy about his clothing. Because it’ll make it easier for me when I eventually, and soon, throw him off my Five List. You people are too loyal about your quiver. Superficial desire should have no attachment. And in the case of Leo, I really feel like the way he dresses speaks to the way he loves: LAZY.

When has Leo ever had to work for a girl? In Leo’s mind, most of the happiness of being with him is derived by simply being with him. He’s never had to hustle in a relationship. The closest he’s ever come to that was Gisele Bundchen, and ultimately that wasn’t enough. He has his limits, Leo. This is what Gisele eventually tired of. This is what Blake Lively, to her credit, was quick to learn. This is why Erin Heatherton is only 22.