I was just talking about them together last week! Click here for a refresher.

Is this how the universe works? Really? Because if so, I have a LONG list.

Anyway, both Leonardo DiCaprio and Justin Timberlake were at the US Open Mens Final yesterday to see Rafael Nadal win in 4 sets of Novak Djokovic. Both Leo and JT wore caps! Both Leo and JT wore shades. Both Leo and JT were too cool for everybody.

Leo and JT are twinsies!

Except JT has a wife. And Leo probably considers that a disease. So while Mrs Timberlake accompanied her husband to the match, Leo was joined by one his boys. He looks like Vladislav Doronin, the Russian billionaire and Naomi Campbell’s ex-boyfriend.

I’ll throw in some additional photos here of Edward Norton and his wife because we haven’t seen him in a while and Maria and maybe 5 of you will care about this.