OK! Magazine reported last week that Leonardo DiCaprio proposed to his current bonafide, Kelly Rohrbach, over dinner in New York on September 26. According to the magazine’s sources, it was a spontaneous thing. Like he was enjoying his steak so much that he decided to ask her to marry him. Obvious bullsh-t but here’s the cover:

Gossip Cop immediately put up a post challenging OK!’s credibility. Understandable. So…

You think he’s going to sue?

This story appeared in OK! in America and it’s easier for Leo to sue French publications but still, I’m not sure he minds as much that you might believe he’s marrying Kelly Rohrbach than when you were being told about whatever it was that he was or wasn’t doing with Rihanna. Oh, and conveniently, he and Kelly were out with his family on Saturday in LA. Click here to see the photos. Their clothes match, they rode together on his scooter, and he looks OK. You will probably think he looks more than OK, but those days are gone for me. Forever.

On Sunday, Leo and Kelly were out again with his other bonafide, Lukas Haas. She’s in the same outfit as the day before, an example some idiot will use in a few days to point out how “cool” she is that she’s not the kind of girl who needs to be in a different outfit every day when she’s eating burgers and chilling with the guys which is what makes her so awesome and the ultimate girl to finally get the hardest guy. OK.

So we’ll be seeing her at the Oscars then, right?