Leonardo DiCaprio and Tobey Maguire were photographed in Australia today rehearsing for The Great Gatsby in a vintage car. As you can see, they’re now wearing matching-ish haircuts, presumably for the era. It also looks like, as many of you have mentioned, Leo is in top form, as top as it gets for him these days, to play the enigmatic Jay G. As for the film itself, click here if you missed Sarah’s article from yesterday on the shooting location.

Now we wait for Carey Mulligan to arrive. The Daisy. Carey was on the list of expected attendees for TIFF though and even though that’s still two weeks away - sh-t, it’s only 2 weeks away TODAY - that poor girl is going to be bagged going back and forth and back again if indeed she’s expected on set soon. Am very, very much looking forward to the chemistry between Carey and Leo.

Remember when Blake Lively thought she could do Daisy?

Speaking of Blake - she’s in New York on Gossip Girl. She, too, is on the TIFF list. So I’m thinking she doesn’t make it to Australia, if she’s invited to visit, until at least after that. Will their love survive long distance?

Photos from Flynetonline.com