The latest Sony leaked emails exposed the manipulative nature of the Amy Pascal and Scott Rudin relationship and gave us some insight into the Angelina Jolie playbook. There were others though who were caught in the crossfire. Sarah has already addressed the Jobs mess – click here for a refresher. Michael Fassbender doesn’t come out of this looking great, does he?

That’s what the internet can do. They can make someone a bigger deal than they actually are. I mean, no doubt Fassbender is talented. But people had to be convinced. They had to be sold. And that was especially obvious in comparison to Leonardo DiCaprio who was begged to take the role and turned it down, even when they dangled an Oscar in his face. Please Leo? Please please? No. But… please? Say yes? No. OK, but can you just say yes? He has a giant ego, DiCaprio. And they keep feeding it, with every movie they feed it.

But not Michael Fassbender.

And not Adam Driver.

Poor Adam Driver.

When David Fincher, who is thought of like a God among actors, blows you off with such beautiful bitchiness, you know your place in the world.