Yesterday I posted photos of Leonardo DiCaprio acting the fool, hiding under a blanket/scarf while out in Milan. Here he is arriving at the Armani 40 anniversary party last night. What happened to the hot? The hot cannot be found. The hot has been missing for a while now.


Maybe I’m just old. Because apparently this is the new hot.

Dad Bod.

That’s what everyone’s been talking about the last couple of days. There have been articles about Dad Bod in The Atlantic, Buzzfeed, GQ, and more, and an interview with 19 year old Mackenzie Pearson, a university student, who is credited with coining the term in Slate. Pearson explains that Dad Bod is not an insult. Dad Bod is what young adults are attracted to now. Dad Bod is becoming the ideal millennial man.

Who are the celebrity Dad Bods? Chris Pratt, before he got ripped. Jason Segel. Jon Hamm is cited as an example. And, oh yeah, Leonardo DiCaprio has come up a few times too.

Is that how he does it? Conveniently, the models he dates exclusively are in that age range. How do you think he feels though? If you were to say to his face “Yo, Leo, you have a Dad Bod”, would he take it as a compliment or an insult? Are you into Dad Bod?

I’m into Charlie Hunnam. He does not have a Dad Bod.