Like he would miss the amfAR gala, right? Because he's so charitable. And also because models. They're everywhere in Cannes but at the fundraisers they're especially important because the old rich dudes feel more generous when they're around. It's a big dick-off, all of them throwing their money around like it's attached to very large penises. Leonardo DiCaprio doesn't have that kind of money. He pulls pussy on celebrity, the very thing he claims to despise. 

Check him out at his table last night. The way the two men in tuxes are standing behind him, it makes it seem like he's being backed by personal security. And with that f-cking beard and his lazy face, leaning there like that, he looks like a crime boss from central casting.

Leo donated a Banksy to be auctioned off at the event. I love that he fancies himself an art person. I love how smug he is about his own perceived art eye. I bet you, somehow, he can relate that to why he appreciates models so much.

Rumour has it, Leo has his eye on Caroline Austin, a former contestant on Australia's Next Top Model. She's been seen on that big boat with him. Didn't seem like he was keen to limit himself to just one last night though. It's embarrassing to me that he can look like this and still have so many options.