Together? Apart? Day in day out…

Last week they were spotted in Cannes together on Spielberg’s boat, with Lukas Haas, hugging, just a day after Page Six reported that the two had been skulking about the Hotel du Cap. Blake however was not with Leo as he held court at a private villa in the South of France for three nights straight after that, in the company of models, sometimes several at a time.

Then it was off to Portofino, where the two were photographed shopping together – click here to see. Something tells me Leo would rather have photos of him with Blake than photos of him doing what he does with the models at the parties.

The next day, Leo showed up for Naomi Campbell’s birthday party. No Blake. He was still there yesterday, on a boat, hanging with a group of friends, wearing some kind of blue hairband. Photo Assumption these shots of him with a man who looks like Vladimir Doronin, Naomi’s billionaire boyfriend. Flirty? That’s obviously wishful thinking on my part. But cute, right?

So are they or aren’t they? I mean Leo and Blake, of course, and not Leo and Vlady. Like I’ve said countless times, Leo and Blake are good for gossip. I wish it to be. Having said that, I’m not sure it’s anything …yet. The problem is, he knows it’s good for gossip too. The question is – are Blake’s goods good enough to make it worthwhile being good for gossip?

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