Check out Leonardo DiCaprio at the UK premiere of The Wolf Of Wall Street last night. Leo’s nominated for a Golden Globe on Sunday so he’ll be back in LA soon if he isn’t already. Leo’s performance is being called the best of his career – an uninhibited portrayal of Jordan Belfort and all the decadence of the financial 80s, robbing people of millions and millions of dollars. That’s a simplification of Belfort’s actions and for a better understanding of how he ruined lives, click here to hear from one of the victims.

And what is Jordan Belfort doing now? Well, Leo DiCaprio plays him in a movie. He goes to Hollywood premieres. He wrote a book. He’s a motivational speaker, recounting his crimes, his time in prison (22 months), and what he learned from his mistakes. He earns up to $30K per appearance. And almost a million for his life rights for the movie. And while he says he’s still paying back the government for all the money he stole, there is some question as to whether or not he’s fulfilling that obligation. Click here for background information about the discrepancy – for a while there he and the government weren’t agreeing on how much and how often he’s been sending them his restitution cheques.

After all that though, after all the sh-t he put innocent people through, Jordan Belfort is doing ok. More than ok. He’s doing good. His story has been glamourised, given the Martin Scorsese treatment. He’s a f-cking Goodfella now. What he did could be immortalised in Golden Globe history.

God, but life is SO fair, isn’t it?

Belfort’s point is that we shouldn’t be defined by our mistakes and that we should all have the opportunity to move on from them. What sucks is that some people have MORE opportunity to move on from them. He f-cked up and he rose. Many of the people he f-cked up still can’t rise. So how are they supposed to move on from a mistake that they never made in the first place?

But hey, Belfort’s “brutal honesty” makes him a “shining example of the transformative qualities of ambition and hard work” …and therefore he is a “true motivator”. For a new generation of “young entrepreneurs”? Thanks Leonardo DiCaprio.

(Thanks Maria!)