Here’s Leonardo DiCaprio at lunch yesterday at Fred Segal with some friends and it’s just understood, you know? When he rolls with the boys, they take their seats in the middle, and he takes his at the head. If the head is not the best however, well, obviously adjustments are made so that Leo is situated wherever it is best, be it the view, be it for comfort, be it for maximum straddle room for whichever model he has chosen to service him that evening. Or afternoon. That happens on occasion too.

I once saw this go down at a party - not the straddling part but the way his crew falls in line, submitting by routine to Leo’s superiority. They were seated at a booth at Soho House. They kicked other people out of that booth, obviously the best booth, to accommodate him. He was smoking a cigar. He talked and they listened; they listened like they’d never heard anything more interesting than what Leo was saying.

But imagine...

All of it may never have happened without Hollywood Sliding Doors.

Did you know that Leo auditioned for Baywatch? For the part of Hobie (son of The Hoff)? He lost out on the role and went on to become a power player instead of a punchline. I would see that movie, wouldn’t you? In one life he’s the big Hollywood actor. But what he if he got that other part? Where would he be now? Would he still have a full head of hair?