Leonardo DiCaprio

Lainey Posted by Lainey at November 15, 2010 06:23:41 November 15, 2010 06:23:41

Arguments for:
- Inception, Shutter Island... this has been a Major Year and he’s already a Major Star. His professional track record is ridiculously impressive.
- Somehow, even after Titanic, people take him seriously now. Very seriously. He is as A as A List gets.
- I think he looks squidgy around the face. But Leo has always been considered a Good Looking Man. When he wants to be, he puts it on. And they will always remember Jack Dawson.
- Leo has been smart with his personal life. He is not a public relations liability. He manages to keep his sh-t tight. And his people don’t sell him out.
- Leo is man-friendly. Your husband, your boyfriend, their friends, your male colleagues, they see Leo’s movies, Leo doesn’t make them feel like pussies, and Leo is more than just a dude who drives fast and shoots people.
- Here is an American star through and through. A child star no less. A global name who has the right reputation, the best connections, and is currently in his Prime. He’s an outstanding choice to represent 25 years.

Arguments against:
- If Leo wants it, it is undoubtedly his. No question. He meets all the criteria. But does he want it? I don’t think he wants it. He hasn’t wanted it for a long time, especially not after Titanic. He actually doesn’t want it very badly. He has always been private. He has also gone about his business, with his models, undercover, refusing to engage until he absolutely has to, and even then with a huge wall stacked with conditions. Why? Because he doesn’t need it. Being the SMA does nothing for Leonardo DiCaprio. It’s the opposite of Justin Timberlake. He already has everything. Why would he say yes to an interview for the Sexiest Man Alive, to an exclusive photo shoot, how would that service him? Would it get him a meeting with Martin Scorsese? Would it get him a reading with Christopher Nolan? Please. Done, and already done. There’s nothing in it for him now, and hasn’t been for years, to be named Sexiest Man Alive. If I’m him, I actually turn it down.

Odds: 8 to 1

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