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Arguments for:
-Oh heΓÇÖll hide under his smelly baseball cap and tell you heΓÇÖs not interested in an Oscar but of course heΓÇÖs interested in an Oscar. ThatΓÇÖs the whole point of the game. And right now, with J Edgar, thereΓÇÖs a good chance at a nomination. DoesnΓÇÖt hurt if he goes into the race winning the SMA popularity contest
-Leonardo DiCaprio became the Heartthrob who became the Actor. ItΓÇÖs an impressive accomplishment that all of them, Efron, Pattinson, Timberlake, etc etc etc, all of them are trying to emulate. HeΓÇÖs the template.
-But you look at him and you still see Jack Dawson, donΓÇÖt lie. He would give up his life-raft for you.
-HeΓÇÖs very, very connected, very powerful, if he wanted it, all heΓÇÖd have to do, literally, is say the word.
-Blake Lively played his ass. SheΓÇÖs now sleeping with the outgoing SMA, Ryan Reynolds, who took a sh-t at the box office this summer, TWICE. Would be kinda fun to send a f-ck you right back, take his title, go to the Oscars, and turn around and ask her about those apples, right?

Arguments against:

-There is nothing holding Leo back except Leo. I mean, sure, some people may not be into his modelising etc, but like I said, if he wanted it? PEOPLE Magazine would NEVER deny Leo DiCaprio. At 37, heΓÇÖs primed for it now. Perfect age. But the question with Leo and the SMA has always been: does he want it? He tried so hard to lose Titanic. He hated the pinup reputation. He wonΓÇÖt do romances. He can barely stand to kiss onscreen. And now this? Remember that the SMA has to be accepted. They wonΓÇÖt push it on you. You have to say Yes. And when you do, you have to give back a little something. An interview, a smile, some flirt. I donΓÇÖt know that Leo can go there. I donΓÇÖt know that he has to. What went down with Blake Lively will pass. And I just donΓÇÖt see him breaking with his own personal ideology and bending over to be the SMA when heΓÇÖs never really needed it before.

Odds: 6 to 1

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