Leonardo DiCaprio was biking around New York yesterday. I know these photos make it look like he was by himself but that’s ridiculous, because he was flanked by the Wolf Pack, also on their bikes, in Wolf Pack formation. What would happen to Leo if he was ever alone? Me, I need my alone time. Sometimes I can’t wait for Jacek to leave the house. He’ll look at me like, you need me to get the f-ck out, don’t you? I do. I really do. So I can’t imagine what it is to be Leo, the need to be surrounded all the f-cking time. Which is why I find it so fascinating – the fact that he has to be accompanied, that the Wolf Pack understands that they’re on rotation for him, that it’s shift work: I got him from Sunday to Tuesday, can you guys take over on Wednesday and Thursday? I’ll be able to relieve you by Friday. Oh sh-t, we’re low staffed on the pack on Saturday – who can we call?

Who manages the Wolf Pack Leo Babysitting Schedule?!?

In other Leo news, thanks to all of you for sending me this video. It was taken when Leo was in Greece last month, dancing with Nina Agdal. Not as bad as his choreographed moves at Coachella but…

It’s amazing how fame is the antidote to almost every single dealbreaker, non?