Well, he’s still on holiday on a boat somewhere expensive with his girl Bar Rafaeli and Naomi Campbell who’s been accused of lying at the war crimes trial of Charles Taylor over a blood diamond...What?

But Leonardo DiCaprio is so principled. And SO rich.

reported yesterday that he has now earned $50 million from Inception thanks to a deal that saw him take a pay cut at the beginning in exchange for “first dollar gross points”, cash money from the box office before the studio makes back production costs. Smart motherf-cker, non?

No one has more swagger in Hollywood right now than Leo D. In fact, so far this year, and only 8 months have passed, his films have earned almost $800 million (Shutter Island + Inception). Inception however is expected to bring in another $300 million by the time it leaves theatres, and that’s before DVD sales and all the other bells and whistles they’ll squeeze out of it. Leo will get a cut of all that too.

There was an article the other day in the LA Times about Leo’s career and his choices. More often than not, it’s always serious drama, high intensity drama, drama, drama, drama, and he has proven over and over again that he can do it, that he excels at it, that he can act. So why not, posited the reporter, some lighter fare?

Leo has always maintained that the veil is critical to his believability as an actor. That explains the near neurotic approach to safeguarding his privacy. Which is why those “lighter” roles don’t appeal to him. Because he’s so method, and works it so close to the surface, that any “light” role would probably be a rather similar reflection of what he’s really like – life on a yacht, rolling with the privileged, no challenges, no obstacles, and a girlfriend with the most spectacular breasts, holy sh-t. And, as Jacek has noted, they are real.

Can we talk a little about Bar’s body? Because goddamn, this is a body. Unlike so many other models, she has some meat. Now I’m not saying she’s not fit and thin – she is both – but the bone is covered by the actual presence of flesh. You can see the flesh around her hips, where the bikini bottom digs in a little on the sides, just like a real person. And there’s no overtoning action on that either. That, as they say, is all genetics. And that is Leo’s life right now.

Photos from Photopunto/Splashnewsonline.com