Ebola Paris Hilton was arrested then released for pot possession in South Africa. To celebrate its freedom, it ended up partying with Leonardo DiCaprio per Page Six. They were in Cape Town and hit up a club and had tables side by side, hanging out all night, having also travelled together to the World Cup via private jet courtesy some obscenely wealthy starf-cker.


Are you German?

If you’re German there’s probably only one thing that matters to you today, right? Germany plays Spain for the right to advance to meet Holland in the final.

Leo’s mother is German born. Leo speaks German. There’s no doubt Leo is rooting for Germany. And Leo is fraternising with Ebola. Do you know what the consequences of Ebola fraternisation are? I’m just saying you can blame him if Germany doesn’t play well.

But don’t lose your sh-t quite yet.

Leonardo is presently NOT in South Africa. For work obligations and perhaps sensing that he may have jeopardised his team, he has removed himself from the World Cup – a modified quarantine, if you will, so as not to infect the players. Instead he attended a photo call in London today to promote Inception. Is he transferring his contamination to Inception?

Let’s not worry about this for now. Besides, Inception is an ensemble piece. And here are Ellen Page, Ken Watanabe, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Cillian Murphy – it’s been a long, long time – and Tom Hardy, nominated by many of you to be on the Freebie 5. Under consideration.

PS. Ebola has already taken hold of Leo’s face.

Photos from Dave Hogan/Gettyimages.com